Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer unhappy after being doused with bucket of urine

From the Bean’s archives*

BLACKSBURG, VA – Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer wasn’t pleased when players mistakenly grabbed the wrong bucket from the sideline, and dumped its contents over his head in jubilation, following last Saturday’s game.

“I wasn’t upset at first, but then I noticed how warm it was” said the agitated Beamer “I smelled my Beamer, after a VT victoryshirt, then I figured out what had happened”.

As with all Virginia Tech games, the team keeps an empty Gatorade bucket on the sideline for players and personnel to urinate into during the course of the game. But this was the first time this type of accident has occurred.

“It’s not uncommon for players to get a drink out of the wrong bucket, but this is the first time anyone has dumped it over coach Beamer’s head” stated equipment manager Donny Ray Johnston, “maybe I should start putting labels on them.”

Having the bucket of urine dumped over the coach has never really been an issue for the Hokies, given the school’s football tradition, but after Saturday’s incident, things may have to change. —

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