Worst College Football Helmet list (Part II)

Bean’s list: TSB’s top 20 worst helmet list (10-1)


Thanks, Western Carolina!  Catwoman now has a hat! 



That smartass doctor on MASH really made a stupid looking helmet




Thanks to Bowling Green, enroll in free checking and get tickets to the Marshall game so… That’s cool, huh?




Warrensburgh, MO Pop: 874.  Saaaaaaalute! 




Give them the bird!  In the spirit of the unbridled success of the Arizona Cardinals, these schools have decided to pick up the mantle and dawn the chopped off bird head on the helmet look.  Real scary, boys.  **Side note. Apparently in Kentucky, the birds have more teeth than the residents









Arkansas St.  Hillbillies in the Mist.



WY did they do this? 






That creepy Grimmace looking mascot should have told us enough. The Bean’s concern here is of this helmet may cloud your view of just how stupid this helmet is.  Maybe they are throwing the “play under review” flag.  Maybe it was dreamed up in WKU’s psychology dept as a way of subliminally telling the opponent that “we are aware of the rules and we further know that we can demand a review of any of the several touchdowns that you are about to score”.


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5 responses to “Worst College Football Helmet list (Part II)

  1. Dig 'em

    You didn’t put Oregon’s “O” face helmet on this list?

  2. The Mule

    as a former Mule player, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this was one I was proud to wear. One of the oldest mascots in the country – the Mule served the state of Missouri well.

    I am sorry they didn’t have helmets for you to proudly wear on your badminton team, but that explains your commentary anyway…….enjoy your next checkers match and good luck.

  3. Penelope

    Hey Bean–who are you and why the f— are you picking on Kentucky??

    still got all my teeth

  4. Glad you asked, P. KY kind of does it for us.

    Thanks for reading er… having someone read this to you.

  5. Reality

    @The Mule

    Dude…you may have been proud to wear that helmet, but it is ugly as sin. Come to terms with that.

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