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Oklahoma’s only black family happy to see NBA in Oklahoma City

Imagine seeing others like you only on TV.  That is what one family in Oklahoma faced everyday until Seattle’s NBA franchise relocated to the Sooner State .  “I could not be happier”; said an almost breathless Laquita Millwood. “I like Debbie and Sonja at work and all but sometimes, man, it’s just hard to listen to their stories about their kids soccer games, Tupperware, and camping trips. 

Not all however, share her enthusiasm.  Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett expressed reserve in a recent city council meeting when he pointed out that 12 black men moving to town would cause a 400% increase in the black population and that the area may not be ready for such a dramatic shift in demographics.

Season tickets are on sale now.


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WICHITA, KS — Local authorities were notified Wednesday night after concerned parents became suspicious of a strange man hanging around outside the girls locker room at Central Junior High. Police detained and questioned 43-year-old Todd Dobson then forced him to leave the premises before he could even finish watching the 8th grade girls basketball game. “With my experience as a gym teacher, I just wanted to be sure that the girls were stretching out and taping up” said the concerned Dobson, “and that I had some Icy Hot, if they needed some Icy Hot — that’s all”.

Dobson, who actually did have a tube of Icy Hot with him, currently works at Dick’s Sporting Goods. He has had two stints in the past in which he taught Physical Education. Both times he was dismissed from his position for undisclosed reasons.

Police officer Mike Fina said that Dodson became very defensive during questioning. “He kept saying things like ‘If you were in my class, your ass would be running laps all day’ and ‘You see this whistle? This is my badge’”. But since Dobson had not broken any laws, the officers could only escort him away from scene. “If there was a law against ‘creepiness’, we would’ve taken him in” said Fina.


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