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Time for TheSportsbean.com’s annual Worst College Football Helmet list! Weeeeeee!

Bean’s list: TSB’s top 20 worst helmet list (11-20)



Don’t think FloJo designed these.  Very original, Nebraska.





 For more on Liberace and the University of Indiana please go to http://www.liberace.org/




 The Valley has gone to the cartoon dogs



EWWWWU!  All of the charm of the goofy Milwaukee Brewers “MB baseball glove” logo without Robin Yount.  Hey!  Eastern Washington!  You made top 20 list!  Oh, this list.  Nevermind.






  Nothing too fancy, boys



Joe Paterno (pictured) likes them and that's the way it is, ya kid!

Joe Paterno (pictured) likes them and that















 Smurfs, rappers, and UNC.  Excellence.




These cupcakes brethe fire!






Zippity Doo Da


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In honor of that most glorious time of year, TheSportsbean is proud to announce its newest series…

A celebration of lesser known college football traditions

A Sportsbean series

The Ohio State University dots the “I” and the Razorbacks run through the “A” but few know about Penn State and the “Bearer of the White Socks.”
Every Friday before a home game at Happy Valley, a Penn State student is chosen to take coach Paterno to dinner at Hoss’s Steak and Sea Family Restaurant for his weekly 4:30 dinner, home for the 6:00 news, Wheel of Fortune, then most of a Matlock re-run.  When Paterno falls asleep in his recliner at 7:30, the lucky winner puts the coaching icon to bed and picks out the socks for tomorrow’s game from the hundreds of pairs available.  The following game day morning, the student then is greeted by an impatient Paterno at 4:30am for breakfast for the honor of putting the famous white socks onto the bare feet of the great Joe Pa.

 *editor’s note: TSB used “BCS” as a tag for this post knowing that this has very little to do with Penn St. However because PSU plays in a BCS conference we included it.

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BCS to simplify formula by drawing names from a hat

GREENSBORO, NC – Speaking via cell phone Monday morning, ACC commissioner and BCS chairman, John Swofford revealed that the Bowl Championship Series had come to a conclusion on a revolutionary new way to determine who would vie for the National Championship each year: the contenders would be drawn out of a hat.

“Many people have been complaining that the BCS and its computer-generated rankings are too convoluted and don’t always ensure the correct or premiere match-up for number 1” Swofford stated “We here at the Bowl Championship Series feel we have come up with a more precise way to determine the teams that will compete for a national title, and we feel it will be supported by every conference”.

When asked if a playoff system wouldn’t be a more viable option, Swofford replied, “A playoff isn’t really much of a solution; there are a lot of variables that it allows in, and a lot of good teams that may be left out. We’re confident that our new method will help reduce, if not eliminate, error from the equation and give all parties a fair and equal chance at success.  Of course, Notre Dame will have several names in the hat in order to ensure that they have the fairest chance of getting in the BCS mix. Honestly, we know people don’t want this decided on the field.”

With all 117 Division I-A schools eligible under the BCS’s new “formula”, it wouldn’t be unheard of to have a 2-10 UNLV squad going against a 1 -11 Temple team for the right to hoist the crystal football at the end of the season.

“Again, our new system has been put in place to bring about fairness, equality, and simplicity in college football, and we feel comfortable it will do so and hopefully put to rest the annual debate over the validity of the mind-boggling computer ratings”.

Developing… College presidents fighting over size, style, and color of hat used to draw teams


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